The Amsterdam Stock Exchange index (AEX) is followed in this section daily and sometimes hourly. Trend is down - Henri expects a low @260 around May 2015.

 AEX (Amsterdam Index)

15-10-2014 @402.80 AEX has no support on the chart - free fall!

16-10-2014 @376.30 AEX breaks through long term support line (Heading-> @200)

15-10-2014 @379,00 AEX in freefall. Next stop 330!

12-10-2014 02:00 @395,00

Again the AEX is at a crossroad. Closing below @388 will bring the Amsterdam market to @330. The road downhill is as always a fast road (light support @376).

24-9-2014 GMT 15:52 @419.50

The uptrend is in october 2014 3 years old....... Makes a tired and toppy impression

10-9-2014 After market close @418.95

After the top the AEX went down some points. 420 level is key. A trading range is forming between 419-421.

>>> Any point below 416 triggers a chainrection and the index will fall back to 395.

4-9-2014 After marketclose @ 421.59


AEX reached an absolue top @422.77 today. The chart shows that there is no room further to go up.

Time to short the AEX!!

27-8-2014 09:26 GMT AEX @ 412.60

Runup is out of steam. Likely to fall back short term to 408 level (and 400 / 394).

25-8-2014 09:56 GMT AEX @ 406.90

Max trendchannel @408.30 support @ 402.90, @393.95 and @388, below that the downtrend will continue.


22-8-2014 After Marketclose for the week @404.48

In the month chart we see very clear the tail of the fish. The Fibonacci bow that we can draw in the sellwave of 2007 and the buywave of 2012 form together a fishlike form. If we look in the tail of the fish in detail (chart 2) we see that when the 400 level was broken 3 weeks ago in fact the upward pattern was broken by that move. This means that we are at an endgame. Either via a big new buyingwave the 421-level will be broken or via a fierce move we brake through the 388 in a downward direction.  The way up has 2 strong resistance lines (@421 and @468) - will be almost impossible to pass. The way down - as always- is much easier. Watchout for passing the 388-point!

Have a look at the tail in detail (@400 the supportline is broken):

18-8-2014 After Marketclose AEX @ 399.91

In this chart we see that the AEX has no room to go upward. This has to do with AEX-heavyweight ROYAL DUTCH. The quote is crushed between the resistance line comming down and the support line coming up. At some point the quote will break out. I predicted before that the AEX won't go above the 400 line. It is at this moment stuck at exactly that point. @400 their is major resistance and on the detailed chart we see also a small resistance line coming down. I'm pretty sure that something will happen that sets the quote in motion again. Unexpected events are mostly negative and sometimes they do have an impressive impact.


15-8-2014 11:30 GMT AEX reaches resistance line @399.20 and will close (16:00 option expiration time) near 400 due to options expiration

Time to leave the market for the weekend!

14-8-2014 Market Close   AEX   Not much changed since yesterday. Market has to decide - up or down? We are @ resistance level - we don't need much to break through and make a big move. Seen all the risks and geopolitical uncertainties a move south is a logical move. As predicted before - when we go south it will be quick and dirty!

13-8-2014 14:40 GMT AEX is lingering around 395. No room to go up - so we have to go down.


12-8-2014 12:50 GMT AEX is drilling for oil. Level 395 is tested again. Look like the quote is pushed through a hole. We will go lower today.





12-8-2014 12:15 GMT AEX will test 395 again today. Is on a downward path stuck between 2 lines. First support at 393. AEX is out of oversold territory.

We won't see 400 again this year.




12-8-2014 09:50 AEX lingers just above major resistance level 395. The Fibonacci bow indicates that we will break south out of this situation around noon: