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14-12-2014 >>> DOW breaks the 17432 stop! Will go to 14000 level - SELL!

24-10-2014 >>> Sell signal at the close of 22-10-2014. Be aware of a steep fall coming!

16-10-2014 >>> IF the DOW dives below 15723 we wil see a steep fall (>1000 points)

16-10-2014 >>> DOW will fall 6000 points!!!   Stockmarket meltdown!

10-9-2014 >>> Close @17068 is an optimum selling point

8-9-2014 >>> Important turning point for the DOW and the market. 

31-8-2014 >>> HENRI: 17157 is a double top for the DJI. Going below 17060 is a weak sign and a turning point in the chart.

WARNING: If the DJI doesn't break the @17157 level then going down below 17060 is dangerous. Will bring us back  @16604 and @15349

14-12-2014 @17280 Support broken - entering a bear phase - DOW will fall deep and fast!

First stop: @16.862

24-10-2014 @16691  DOW drills a hole in supportline @ 16666 (5-minute chart)

24-10-2014 @16724 DOW is close to breaking point. At the close of 22-10-2014 a clear sell signal was given (see chart!)

In the 5-minute chart we see that @16666 a breaking point emerges. WATCH OUT!

16-10-2014 @16056 Monthly chart show that 15723 is the point of no return. Below that point the DOW will fall almost in minutes with 1000 or more points.

16-10-2014 Support is broken - DOW will spiral in freefall down to below 10000!

10-9-2014 Strong support @ 16300. Dow is weakening. Down trend is accelerated when the DOW dives below 16960.

8-9-2014 : Support @17120 broken - DOW in full retreat - will go down below 17000

31-8-2014: Two charts added (5 minute 29/8/14) and (daily 2014)


19-8-2014 20:15 GMT

Seems that the endformation if now formed. Channel is narrowing. DOW is out of breath. Run will end near 17000. The two redlines cross at the end of this month....

We are nearing dangerous territory now.

18-8-2014  20:24 GMT

Topformation reaches till max. 16870. DJI closes the GAP that was created on July 31th.

15-8-2014  10:40 GMT DJI

The DJI forms a top in the area @16735-16780 (that is the area just below the GAP down 2 weeks ago).

The line from the top via @16780 will act as resistance line on the way down. Support @16200.

14-8-2014 15:55 GMT DJI

The topformation is broken. On the 1-minute chart we see the first signs of the DJI braking through minor support @16680 levels. 

On the 5h-chart we see that the DJI is at a major resistance level. We are at the end of the bounce back and the downward path is revealed.

13-8-2014 14:54 GMT DJI

@16600 The DJI has runout of gas.....


12-8-2014 >>> HENRI: We have seen the (intermediate) top. Are in a downtrend that will bring us in a bumpy ride much lower. Breaking the 16229 support brings us in very dangerous waters.



12-8-2014 20:25 GMT DJI 

The DJI is making an U-turn. Mind your step (16517)! We will go to 16338 tot test the intermediate low of last week again!