24-8-2015 @1873 - That was a quick ride down. Is only the beginning of a very fast and nasty slide to 1003! Have a look at the chart.



21-8-2015 @ 2018 - We lost contact with the uptrend. Pivot-point @1974 is crucial. If we go beyond that ... hell will start!

31-1-2015 @ 1994.99 - ON MAJOR BREAKING POINT. WATCH OUT!

@1960 some support. Chart looks very dangerous - @1974 is a pivot-point. Below that the slide will accelerate.  Level @ 1986 should hold. If not then we are entering bearisch territory. On the upperside non breakable-resistance @2066. A perfect short above @2022.

15-12-2014 @1984.55 (After market close)

The S&P crossed the Moving Average (50-days) negative. This is a bad sign.

Around @1810 is some support but it will last only for a few hours.

Real support @1373 but it won't prevent the S&P from hitting @1000.

14-12-2014 @1990,50 (GMT 18:00)


Heading to @1000

25-11-2014 GMT 11:35 @2069.41

Looks like a crown formation is forming at the top of an incredible run. The huge stock-buy-back programms of several companies (e.g. APPLE) are a strong force behind this run. Somewhere at this altitude we should see the end of this strong bull-run. If @2074.70 is reached again and we go lower after that then a crown-formation is in progress. Indicating a perfect end of the run. 

Henri warns: "Trees do not not grow to the clouds".

23-11-2014 GMT 20:01 @2063.50 A strange formation on very high altitude. Has probably to do with the option expiration last friday. Do we see here the top of the top?

12-11-2014 GMT 16:26 @2035.30  TripleTop forming @2043 after a second V-shape reaction. A third reaction will have a magnitude greater than the first and second one together one. It will be very difficult for the market to set a new all time high!

27-10-2014 90 minutes after opening. Gap filled - the final test...... Going down to 1950 again will trigger more selling.... (Very dangerous point)

27-10-2014 One hour after opening @ 1955.60 Support is cracking - looks like it won't hold. Steep fall ahead when support breaks.

24-10-2014 Before opening bell @ 1950.20   Opening below @1950 will start a push down to @1920 and further. (2 charts)

22-10-2014 GMT 20:10 @ 1935,40 End of pull-back - @1950 should be the ceiling.

16-10-2014 GMT 17:56 @ 1860,70 The S&P will tank 800 points when the LT support @1800 is broken. Almost no support lines between @1800 and @1014! The weekchart is shown below.

11-10-2014 20:30 @ 1894,45

The S&P completed a double top formation. This means that after a small correction we will go downhill in full speed. @1891,50 there is some support. A close below @1888 will break the support. Next stop @1592 in the downhill slide (see chart 2 below)


08-9-2014 GMT 17:57 @ 2002.60

The S&P500 shows a turning point @ 2005.44. In this chart you see how all lines points to one point 4 days in the future @2005.44. A weak resistance line is blocking the S&P @ 2003.00 at this moment.

31-8-2014 Markets closed @2003.37

Three charts (Hourly, Daily, Weekly) show us that the S&P has ran its course. @2003.57 it seems to have found something blocking the road. If we look at the weekly chart we see that the old support-line (starting @998) is now crossing the upward channel. It makes it hard for the S&P to go higher. If we look at the more detailed charts we see that 2003.57 seems to become the all-time top. Chances are high that we will fall back till below 1888. If that happens the road to lower levels is cleared and a steep fall will follow (till @1200). If in the week starting the 1st of september the S&P goes below 2000 this will trigger some events that could lead to a break of the 1888 level.

Alert: After breaking 2000 the ride down will be very fast!

18-8-2014 18:37 GMT S&P500 index @ 1967.65

At the end of the tunnel is no light. The bandwidth is narrowing between 1972 and 1889. At some point the quote has to break out. I'm pretty sure it won't be upward - so that leaves us with only one direction: SOUTH! Here is the 1-month Candlestick for the S&P: 

12-8-2014 20:35 GMT S&P500 index


The S&P is testing the strenght of level 1930 again and again. Important is the line @1917 - below that we will increase downward speed. That we will go much lower is only a matter of time.