14-12-2014 GMT 18:15 @1223 GOLD on the point of TAKE-OFF!

The range 1220-1280 shows som minor resistance. But it looks like GOLD has turned the corner and is starting a bull-run!

25-11-2014 GMT 09:40 @ 1200.00 GOLD tries to end the downtrend. Crossing @1220 in an upward direction will be a strong buy sign. Have also a look at SILVER - SILVER shows the way for GOLD.

17-10-2014 GMT 16:20 @ 1233.90 Gaining strenght - outbreak expected soon

16-10-2014 GMT 17:40 @1243,70

GOLD is breaking out. Yesterday was a first sign. Close above @1248.22 makes the move complete. Will jump when passing 1260 and 1320! First stop @1355, second @1405.

11-10-2014 23:30 @1223,30

GOLD has reached a bottom @ 1178. The resistance line is coming and down and breaking it @1270 will move GOLD to @1400 in no-time (and after that A BIT SLOWER to @1600). That will be the beginning of a strong move to a new top far above @2000. GOLD is absolutely oversold and is on the point of making a stong come-back. Don't sell - but BUYYYYYY!

02-9-2014 GMT 19:20 @1265.70

GOLD has to break 1332 to move much higher. @1260 GOLD finds solid support.

The 1-minute-chart shows that the small downtrend is broken. Will go up to @1300 at least.

In the monthly-chart we see that GOLD will rise to @1534 when the resistanceline @1332 is broken.

15-8-2014 @Marketclose USA   GOLD

GOLD is nearing an North-SOUTH decision. Today we saw that the support is solid. We will test the resistanceline in the coming 3 days. Breaking point now is @ 1320 ans still going lower each day (because of the declining line)

>>> HENRI SAYS: Buy some gold like Soros did. Going with the big market manipulators is not a bad strategy!