14-12-2014 @109,69 (after market close) Top formation is finished. AAPL will have some support between @96 and @104. Below that it will go down in a straight line to @55.40. Just above @50 there will be strong support.

21-10-2014 @103.02 (pre-market) Chart could get as high as 103.85 before testing @95.50 again.


Quadruple top?


16-10-2014 @95.50 (1 hr after opening) On its way down - now the support is broken we will see quotes below $90 soon.

15-10-2014 @97.41 Chart looks ugly - without the stock buying programm the stock would already have tanked. The market will force AAPL to @86 next week.

13-10-2014 @ 101,30 (1 chart) Top Flag formation almost finished. Downfall starts @98.70.

12-10-2014 @100,73 (2 charts)

AAPL is still near its top. Has support @98. But chart is showing "cracks". The 98 support level will be tested this week. When it can't hold we will go back to @80. Will be a kind of freefall. The share buying programm will be in full swing to stop this fall.

9-9-2014 After market close @101.00

The new launched products didn't have much impact on the stock.

Tradingrange 98-101. Support @ 98 en @96. Below those levels there is much empty space.

3-9-2014 17:28 GMT @ 99.08

APPLE passed the top and is consolidating. First support @99.08, second support @96.00. Below that the stock will make a steep fall ->> @83.00.

15-8-2014 @Marketclose  APPLE (AAPL)

@96.88 APPLE is @ breakingpoint. A close below that level will be the sign to sell.

>>>Henri says: When APPLE closes below 96.88 you can make a killing by buying OCT PUT 96. Stock will tank unbelievable fast and deep.

14-8-2014 10:20 GMT APPLE (AAPL)

@100 AAPL finds not to overcome resistance (expected max. top @ 100.78)

12-8-2014 13:45 GMT APPLE (AAPL)

>>> Henri predicts a steep downfall of the price of APPLE stock if the quote breaks through the $90 supportlevel. Major support will be @ 20.00 (!!!)

Apple is at the end of a long and exhausting run. The stock is ahead of herself. No room to grow above $99 and a lot to lose below $90. Investors better beware - there is a lot of risk in AAPL. Chart 2 shows that we are at a crossroad - a fall below $95 is already too much and will trigger more sellpressure.