25-8-2015 09:45 GMT @ 1.1557

The EURO is going up, up up. Much more to come. We will see 1.17 again soon.

21-8-2015 @close @ 1.1384

The EURO shows a lot of strenght (or is it USD weakness?). We are leaving the consolidation and we broke out today to go up to 1.25 and 1.40 in the coming days. 


10-9-2014 22:05 GMT @ 1.2916

The US DOLLAR will stay for a while in the trading range 1.2885/1.3085. The downward channel will lead to the long term support @1.20

18-8-2014 19:10 GMT EURO/US DOLLAR  @1.3363

The USD is in a range between 1.3300 and 1.3900. The chart indicates support. If we go through 1.39 then 1.60 looms.

Long-term support @ 1.28