FACEBOOK is vulnerable - the chart shows that the power behind the stock is gone. It is an ideal candiate to short!. Competition (ELLO!) causes that FB has to work hard to maintain its growth.


>>> (14-12-2014 @77.83) Resistance @ 78.80 is too much. Over the top now and heading south. Free fall looming below @70 with a stop @34.

>>> (24-10-2014 @72.91) If FB closes below $70 it will enter a freefall phase that ends @40.

I'll raise a RED FLAG!

Chart looks very dangerous! SELL< SELL<SELL!



16-12-2014 @74.69 (after market close)

FB lost 2% in the last 30 minutes of trading. Margin calls take their toll. 

Pivot support point@73.90 is nearing. Below @70.13 FB will need a parachute! Straight to @34.

14-12-2014 @77.83 (after market close)

Chart looks more dangerous every day. The downfall will be swift and deep.



24-10-2014 FB shows ll signs of a stock that is at its top! Free fall below @70 loomimg.