15-12-2014 @334.57 (before market open)

NFLX has support @300, @200 (light) and @100. Will go to @300 (= -/- 10%) and consolidate before a heavy plunge to @100.


16-10-2014 15:45 GMT @350,52 A 100 point drop at the opening! Will dive further to @300.

15-10-2014 22:45 GMT @448,50 DOWNTREND - SELL SELL SELL

The downsided Flag is nearing a supportlevel @420. Dangerous zone because no upwarded momentum is in sight. A clear SELL. Stock will fall considerably (@300) when support @420 is broken.

25-8-2014 10:11 GMT NFLX @479.19

NETFLIX completed a double top and is at an all time high. Remember: Selling high - buying low is a good filosophy!

19-8-2014 19:47 GMT @469.80


>>> Henri: NETFLIX is at the top!

Netflix tries to break through the @470 resistance. If it manages to do so there is room to grow further to @476. At that level a doubletop is formed and if after this move NFLX will fall back to 450 this will definitely indicate a the final top. The end of the strong NFLX-run is near.

Netflix is in the range 456-470. If support @456 breaks NFLX will fall back to 412.