Henri is right in 7 out of 8 predictions. That is a very high score!

Henri is a long living stock analist using old fashioned chart techniques. Although not always Henri is more right than wrong (1 out of 8 predictions is wrong).

Just follow his very accurate predictions and see for your self if he is almost always right or not!

Henri believes that the future is written and can be foretold. He also thinks that we are living in an "End Time" i.e. that the world as we know it will disappear and will change in a better place. As we know changes can't happen without movement. As many clearvoyants already have predicted the change from the  world as we know it to a new worldorder will not be without consequences for all of us. War is immiment. Because all great changes in the past in our world were implemented in an after war period. Just think about the period after the Napoleon wars and WWII. You don't have to be a clearvoyant to predict that at some time Europe will be at war again. question is - When and how? In the right pane is a list of clearvoyants with their prophecies. None of them see a future without war and without a lot of suffering. From all great clearvoyants only one was aways right: Nostradamus. He also predict in his quatrains a new world order and peace, but after a tremendous war and a lot of suffering for the people in Europe.


Let's hope they are all wrong.