Events that influence financial markets. Henri will tell what he expects.

Henri comments on market moving world events


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The UKRAINE crisis is followd because of the enormous impact on world trade and the danger of war in Europe. Especially the role of George Soros is highligted. We all know that markets move on fear alone. He is acting like a puppetmaster and seems to hold the most important strings in his hands.

The EBOLA outbreak if followed because of the world wide health effects. The virus is still not under control and replicates with an enormous speed.  It is much more dangerous than was anticipated by the WHO.

World moving events have already a negative impact on the world markets this year. Many investors predicted that 2014/2015 will be the year of the CRASH of CRASHES. In fact the 2014 CRASH is unfolding before our eyes day by day in 2015.  


News related to the expected "BIG ONE"!


25-8-2014 Actual status of Earthquakes in Los Angeles area

News related to IS/ISIS

25-8-2014 On the frontline

24-8-2014 Obama threatened by IS

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>>> 12-8-2014 RUSSIA will take back what she believes is hers!

>>> 13-8-2014 It is only a matter of time before Russia and Ukraine are at war!

>>> 13-8-2014 Europe & USA will be at the side of Ukraine




16:00 Ukraine Says It Destroyed Part of Armed Convoy From Russia

 10:00 Military vehicles mass near Ukraine

00:30 Russian armoured vehicles and military trucks cross border into Ukraine